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This wiki is dedicated to Pokémon who are anthropomorphic (including the official Pokémon ReBURST manga, which exists only in Japan). Although being a home to the anthropomorphic Pokémon, This also contains stories, art, GIF Animations or comics that contains certain fetishes that I was a fond of!

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"Pokémorph is a popular term used among fans to describe two things; it is used as a term for either a character, usually a human, that has the ability to transform into one or more Pokémon, or an anthropomorphic Pokémon.

The term and its meanings are not used in any Pokémon canon, with the possible exception of Pokémon RéBURST. Nearly all Pokémorphs of either kind (though more so the anthropomorphic kind) are within the realms of fan fiction, fan art, fan comics and dōjinshi, role playing forums, and various MUSHes."

- From Bulbapedia

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